Target efficiency in development which allows your website to load and run faster. Have developed many websites for small businesses in HTML and Javascript using just Notepad. Also used ASP.NET (C#), Django (python), Drupal and WordPress.
Website Name Finished Status Owner Description
airTempHeat.com   Fall 2016 Websystem.support, Editor Prof. Miriam Smith WordPress CMS. Steve Pimen wrote column on Microinverters in FAQ page
greenEpie AKA SBM   September 2013 Solar Buyers Market (SBM) LLC Dev server: webscibiz.com/SBM ASP 4.0 Web with AJAX and large Arrays of Javascript and Google Map API ver 3.0. Wrote minimum quantity of solar panels Calculator in Javascript. If you install this suggested quantity of panels on your property – it means you will never pay for electricity to your Electric Provider. Also published existing statistic on PV installation on Google Map as extendable markers. Currently this website is generously payed off and abandoned by owner. It is considered for sale after customer’s adjustments and conversions
microsoft.com/reader   Summer-Fall 2006 Microsoft Corporation Converted ASP pages to ASP.NET using Visual Studio 2005 and Internal Microsoft XML application. Responsible for support of 12 languages on the web
Vizanti.com   Summer-Fall 2009 Vizanti Inc Developed in ASP.NET using Visual Studio (wrote c# objects to develop pictures carusel from scratch!!) It has been converted to WP in 2013
professormiriam.com   Oct 2015  Professor M. Smith  Educational website dedicated college education. WordPress, Enigma Theme
SF.LDSPA.org and LDSPA.org March 2016 LDS Public Affairs Used “Events Calendar” plugin to expose events on Google map and in Calendar. The International LDS Business & Civic Association serves as a vital bridge between international government leaders with San Francisco Bay Area business and government leaders
stylismary.com   May 2016 Websystem.support WordPress CMS. Few Days of work
celebrateFolk.com   Fall 2015 Websystem.support, Editor Professor M. Smith WordPress CMS. Used Google Calendar to expose events on Google map and in Calendar. Anybody can register any Folk Festival Info on Earth
EVadapter.com  2017 Dev Websystem.support WordPress CMS. Climate Change response website

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App Name Finished Status Owner Description
JustPaste or Helper   Summer-Fall 2010 WebSciBiz.com Efficient approach to manage your Frequently Used Data or FUD and it is your time saver. It is a useful Clipboard manager.
Web Content Management (WCM)   Spring 2012 WebSciBiz.com Custom client side Application Web Content Management (WCM) Can modify it to manage any website that holds pictures info in XML files.
KeyCare   Summer 2009 WebSciBiz.com Keyboard Mandate (AKA KeyCare) is efficient approach to use and control Keyboard toggled keys: Caps/Num/Scroll Locks