Big Data (Hadoop) 48 hours Hackathon – 4th place!

Last team #12 reports the Project. Microsoft Referee confused on Political Issue, that why we’ve got not a first place 😉 We combined best Microsoft and Google technologies in our project: “Collaboration ADO.NET with Google Maps API”. Microsoft has similar Map Technologies but I was lead PM and expert in Google map API. And I proved to my team that Google API works faster and stable for a thousands markers. Code/Project shows off after 46 hours of hard work! We retrieved data from Parking Meters SFCDB with temporary (48 hours) city permit and authentication. Afterwords all markers rendered those meters as thousands colored markers on Google map. Pop-up bubble (with data) appears on click event. The REAL TIME bubble data continues: 1. Exact address (ready to copy and past) as your destination. 2. Expiration Timer in minutes: If it is less then 20 min the marker color is red, less then 10 min – yellow, less then 5 min – green.
After 47 hours we submitted code to Microsoft Referee and SF City Employee who gave us the temporary permit to the city DB

Microsoft Referees reach a verdict