LinkedIn profile STEVE PIMEN – MS in Physics

Mobile: (425)829-4900;; San Francisco, CA 94129

System/Support Engineer and Web Developer, including Experience from Microsoft (Redmond, WA)

Work extensively with virtualization. Wide range of technical skills including web development (front end and back end); testing, debugging and
customizing software and testing and repairing hardware; installing and supporting servers and networks. Prior to beginning work in IT, worked
as a physicist at the Academy of Science. Currently consult on various physics matters to Frantel Inc. Have also taught IT and media physics to college students.

US Citizen; FBI “Basic Security Clearance” in 2004-2006
Currently contracting few South Bay Area Companies: Frantel Inc and PSI Consulting. Looking for permanent job in 40 miles radius from San Francisco in NORTH Bay Area.
Available for new project after 2 weeks.

To whom it may concern:

Steve Pimenov has worked for me several times a contingent employee placed through Volt Computer Services. Steve is a loyal and hard working
individual who brings a wealth of experience to the positions that he has worked for me. He is intelligent and a quick study. He is creative in his
approach to testing, and as a direct result of this creativeness found numerous bugs in the product we were working on; bugs that should have but were
not discovered by people responsible for testing those respective areas of the product.
Steve is diligent and trustworthy. He takes instruction well and is able to work independently with a minimal amount of supervision. He works well in
pressured circumstances, maintaining focus on the tasks at hand and effectively using available resources to meet the time objectives given. He is also
creative and clever in applying his skill sets to achieve greater efficiencies in the pursuit of the objectives outlined.

Steve would make an excellent hire for any company that would choose to employ him. I am under hiring constraints and have no positions to offer him placement,
else I would not be offering this letter of reference.

I am available for further conference if so desired. My office number is (425) 703-9175. My off work email address is, please feel free
to contact me if you so desire.

Tony Ackerman

CEO, Andrew Ivanov
364 Roy Rd. SW, Pacific, WA98047
Phones:(206)391-6996, Office (253)891-6863

To whom it may concern:

Steve Pimen created my simple and explicit website during a week. Tested and made all necessary changes during another week. He precisely followed all my directives
I recommend making an excellent hire for any your web project.
If I will decide to extend my web, to atomize some aspects of (CRM) Customer Relationship Management I would hire him again with pleasure.
Please feel free to contact me if you need verbal references or more info.

Sincerely, CEO, Andrew Ivanov