Domains for lease or sale

The value of a domain name can range anywhere from a few dollars to millions dollars. In many ways it is like the real estate market of the web. The shorter the domain name the more values it has. Eg: has been sold for few millions last time, it has been sold many times. Humor may be a factor of a domain value also. Extension “.com” has more value over other it is kind of default, even in a browser: type just a domain name (w/o an extension) hold Ctrl (Command in Mac) button and hit Enter Cntrl+Enter.
The best example of the Real Estate business: where is Nissan Corp. has been trying to get it from Mr. Nissan, Uzi during few decades, probably offering 6 figures $$. Last try was unsuccessful: Nissan Corp. has tried to accuse Mr. Nissan in a Cybersquatting.
With deep respect to Mr. Nissan family name that goes for many generations and love to my Nissan Leaf that saves our World from pollution! I am trying to resolve many situations like this by asking some questions from my potential clients and find a compromise (beside obvious: Do you need a money ‘now’??):

  • Do you believe in flexibility of Great American Business in classic Dale Carnegie traditions style? So many businessmen in US said “Godsent” after attending his lectures and getting business increments
  • Do you really think that is possible to sale a great domain name for a half mill? Consider that your potential buyers are startups and not a Corporations with established websites. Consider: is a simple $12/year solution
  • Do you think all those “Frozen assets” of great domain names helps our economy?

Use Google advanced feature “Shared Domain”

In the case of Domain Sale: DomainEscrow.US is the escrow agent for domain transactions, DomainEscrow.US serves as the intermediary for payments for domain purchases/sales. When an agreement has been made, DomainEscrow.US holds the buyer’s payment in escrow and will send the funds to the seller after the domain transfer has been completed. DomainEscrow.US also emails pinging and propagation reports at any time of the transfer upon request of any involved party. DomainEscrow.US provides technical support to both parties.

How a lease works on Google “Shared Domain”

Select a Domain & Make an Offer

# Select Domain Name Note [$/y] Annual Lease || [$] Price
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