Search Engine Optimization (SEO) AKA Internet Marketing. Must be last step/stage of any website development

1. Setup Google Analytics
2. Setup Google/Bing/Yahoo Webmaster tool
3. Setup Social Bookmarking with Media bars on your pages
4. Press Release Submissions
5. Blog Comments
6. Create pages on your social websites and link them to your website
7. Unique, 400 word press release
8. Google and Bing Search Engine Submission. Yahoo or other search engines upon request.
9. Create accounts on and and link to your web. Negotiate with a customer who left “negative Remarks” as third party independent intermediator.
10. Create and change Meta tags/Title tag. Monitor progress and keep history in changes.log
11. Keyword research/Analysis
12. Few your Competitors Analysis and your market detailed Logistics
13. Heading tag changes
14. Alt tag changes
15. Interlinking wherever required by your field of market
16. Improving your Internet (technical) credentials if necessary. E.g. your web/domain or email are on “Blacklisted Public IP”
17. HTML Site Map
18. XML site map and Submission in webmaster tool
19. Creation Ror.XML File
20. Create Robots.txt File
21. Google map your company location(s) pointer(s)

Time Frame and Success definitions

Success: Your website is among top 25 or 50 entries of the first search page. Predefined Search phrase(s) should be included in our contract.
Time Frame: 2-8 weeks after completion and testing of your PRODUCTION (vs development environment) website
Success and Time Frame depend on competitiveness of your industry!
For Example: If the client’s field is narrower with fewer competitors than it is few days of work and a week of adjustments. Usually I spend days to develop the SEO and it may take a month for car dealers or others in such highly-competitive field of business. An example is for The search phrase:”HVAC Carbon County Utah” brings the client’s website to the first line and the first map pin on a Google search. That effort required 20 working hours and 4 weeks to wait and adjust.

What can affect or destroy Success? (in order of severity):

1. Subdomain (especially Domain) changes or relocation to a different public IP (Web Server).
2. Your competitors hire a better webmaster or developer and kick you out to the second search results page.
3. Negative remarks from your customers or ANY Negative Social Media remarks related to your domain name. If two competitors start to fight – they both go down on a search page!
4. The length of time a SEO is neglected. We charge $50-$250 per month to support the Success.
5. Changing CMS (or converting your website to different system), theme or SEO plugin almost never affects the Success if such changes have been made by a professional webmaster trained in the SEO field.